How Can Impact Videoboards Help You?

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How Can Impact Videoboards Help You?

Why go Digital?

Why use Impact VideoBoards vs.
other media options?

(365 days X 200 ads/day = 73,000 images/year)


September 24, 2007 Digital Signage Digest states..."Digital advertising is the SECOND fastest growing advertising medium only behind the internet!"

October 10, 2007 New York Times states..."The world's largest media sellers are; Clear Channel Outdoor, JC Decaux, Lamar, and CBS Outdoor." (sellers of digital media)

Research from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) showed...consumers have a positive attitude toward outdoor advertising (combination digital and static).

Marketing Minefield states...94% of the top advertisers use outdoor billboards (combination of digital and static).


Because everyone that leaves their house is exposed to the message....you can't mute it, you can't turn it off, and you can't turn the page.